about me

Talking about myself isn’t my strongest ability but one of the things that could be relevant here is that I’ve always been attracted to beauty as a whole. And that’s very subjective. But I must say my eyes are constantly drawn to the little things that can warm my heart: a moving story, a stunning landscape, the emotions that can transpire through a person’s face, the beautiful images that I like to collect and that inspire me every day.

I’ve had several passion projects over the years. I’m just one of these people that needs to explore something of interest until there is nothing left to learn about that topic, either because I believe I have mastered it or just because my creativity isn’t stimulated in enough ways.

Photography has been a companion for several years now (and I think I take it from my father who’s always been sensitive to this art) and what I want to achieve with my photos is just that: reveal the beauty that surrounds us - the beauty that lies in people, in places, in moments. Knowing that, it’s no wonder my favorite form of expression is through street photography, travel photography and portraits.

I’m a quiet person so I don’t believe in being loud and imposing. I like simplicity, modesty and honesty and that is why I think my style has evolved along the years towards minimalism and sobriety while looking for a way to make an impact. I’m a hard worker and I believe there is no greater satisfaction at the end of the day than knowing you're actually getting somewhere.

* Pictures of me taken by my friend Emma-Jane Browne.

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